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Optimize Your Health.

A personalized, integrative, and unifying approach to identifying and treating the root cause of chronic disease. 

Why Conventional Medicine Isn't Enough

The standard medical model uses a "cookie cutter" approach to healthcare. The main goal in the standard medical model is to suppress symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures without ever really investigating or understanding why did you develop that symptom to begin with.  All patients with similar symptoms are grouped together and based on that, they are given a label/diagnosis.  All patients with the same label are treated with the same pharmaceutical (typically taken for the rest of their lives) or surgical procedure. With the standard of care medicine, patients only see the list of their medical diagnosis grow through the years, together with the growth of the pharmaceuticals they need to take on a daily basis.  In general, patients become frustrated with this process since it rarely improves the way they feel or look.   The results are usually measured as a function of a laboratory value, not in terms of the patient's subjective feeling of health and vitality.  


Under the paradigm of Functional Medicine we understand that many symptoms can be caused by the same one factor in different people. At the same time, many different factors can present as the same symptom in different people.  Finding the real cause of your health problems requires methodical, systematic "detective" work to understand why are you experiencing your particular symptoms in the first place.  Functional Medicine is about creating health in your body, not symptom suppression.   


Using highly sophisticated state-of-the-art laboratory analysis to evaluate the body's biological systems and analyzing your particular lifestyle factors and habits that may be causing or contributing to your medical problems, a strategy is designed specifically for you. The strategies, treatments and protocols are tailored to your specific conditions and laboratory results. 

Addressing The Root Cause

The essence of health creation and optimization via lifestyle modification, Functional, and Ancestral Medicine is to improve the food that we eat, our sleep, exercise/continuous non exercise movement, stress management, social interaction as well as making sure our lives have meaning and purpose.  We also use more objective methods, specifically specialty laboratory analysis to assess the 8 causes of chronic disease: Nutrient imbalances and deficiencies, gut dysfunction (e.g. dysbiosis, yeast overgrowth, parasites, SIBO), chronic infections (e.g. Lyme's Disease, Erlichiosis), hormonal imbalances (e.g. Estrogen dominance, Low testosterone), Immune dysregulation (e.g. Autoimmune disease, food sensitivities, immunosuppression), HPA Axis Dysfunction (e.g. chronic insomnia, uncontrolled (perceived or unperceived) chronic stress, overtraining), toxic exposures to chemicals or biological toxins (e.g occupational exposure to petrochemicals, house with mold).

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