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Pedro Perez M.D.

I am Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology in Anesthesiology and in Pain Medicine. At this point you must be asking: "why is an Anesthesiologist practicing functional medicine?" Well, after years of treating chronic pain patients using standard medical care, I began to be very dissatisfied with the results of the treatments as they simply did not work, and they destroyed people’s health in other ways (i.e. kidneys, liver, etc) in an effort to fix their pain. This dissatisfaction turned personal when 10 years ago I developed low back pain myself! I was barely able to walk, life became very difficult very quickly. Not a single treatment using standard medical care fixed my problem. I essentially became bedridden and miserable. I began researching the options, and I found a Functional Medicine practitioner in California and decided to give it a try since my life had hit rock bottom at this point and there were not any other options. I mean, after all, I *was* a pain management physician and even I couldn’t even help myself! So after a year of following the protocols prescribed to me and implementing the lifestyle modifications, not only was my lower back pain dramatically reduced but my anxiety, pre-diabetes, fatty liver, and OCD were all gone, and I started to feel amazing in ways I can’t even describe! I started to study this new field through the Institute for Functional Medicine and Chris Kresser's ADAPT academy and I started to apply these strategies to my patients with fantastic results! I found a new life goal: to help patients experience a complete 180 in their life the way that I did. The treatments in Functional Medicine are extremely safe and can have an indescribable impact on people's lives. I want this service to be available to anyone that wants to regain their health and feel better than ever! I am here to help you. This is my passion and calling in life. 

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